Ian Miller, MD

Dr Ian Miller

Dr. Ian Miller

Director of Neuroinformatics
Department of Neurology
Miami Children’s Brain Institute
Miami, FL

Ian Miller, M.D. is the Director of Neuroinformatics at Miami Children’s Hospital.
Dr. Miller’s interests in informatics, computational methods, and process optimization are longstanding, and related to his undergraduate education (B.Sc., Colorado School of Mines) in engineering and computer science. After attending the University of Iowa college of medicine, he completed post-graduate medical training in pediatrics (University of Utah), neurology and child neurology (University of Washington), and clinical neurophysiology (Miami Children’s Hospital) before taking a full-time position in Miami. At present, he spends roughly 80% of his time devoted to research, which currently spans multiple areas including traumatic brain injury, diffusion tensor imaging, patient safety, and tuberous sclerosis. All of these projects have indirect clinical benefit to the Miami Children’s Brain Institute, and help them provide cutting edge techniques, often which have just been translated to the bedside, in a systematic, routine, and efficient way.

The Ion Channel Epilepsy Program was created in January, 2009 by the Miami Children’s Brain Institute to standardize and improve the clinical care provided to children with epilepsy caused by ion channel mutations. Examples of syndromes covered by the clinic are Dravet syndrome and GEFS plus. The clinic takes place every second Wednesday of the month, and is an ongoing effort at process improvement with the help of the affected families.