Hallway Conversations

Hallway Conversations with Joseph Sirven, MD, Editor-in-Chief, epilepsy.com, interviews Michelle Welborn, Pharm D, on the topic of Dravet Syndrome.

Listen in to hear the discussion and learn about Dravet Syndrome, how common it is, what is the prognosis, what are the available treatments, what resources exist should your child be diagnosed, and much more.

Hallway Conversations is a series of audio podcasts in which Dr. Sirven has conversations with thought leaders and newsmakers in the field of epilepsy on a range of seizure-related topics. The series is intended as second opinions for both the lay public or to clinicians who are looking to understand an issue in how to best manage an individual with epilepsy. All shows are archived and available on iTunes, the BlogTalkRadio website, and epilepsy.com/Professionals: http://professionals.epilepsy.com/page/hallway_2012_podcasts.html

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